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About Swords of Darkness
Welcome to Swords of Darkness


Welcome Imperial Citizen to the Sith Empire

Swords of Darkness is a Family friendly/Mature Empire Guild on "The Shadowlands" server. It is led by the husband and wife team of Rebarty and Annadale. It is made up of friends that love to play MMOs together whether they prefer to do so solo or as a group. We are not a Christian Guild, but it is based upon Biblical values and principles. Our goal is to bring Christians and Non-Christians together within the gaming community. We do not require members to share our faith or beliefs, but we do ask that a member respect our values. The main idea behind Swords of Darkness is to treat others better than you want to be treated (The Golden Rule) and to pay it forward. For Swords, mature means that you cannot say or do anything you want or please. It means that you treat your fellow guildmates with dignity, integrity, and respect. Basically we run the guild by common sense behavior. 

We are not a Raid/PvP or Roleplaying Guild; however, some of our members do enjoy those aspects of the game and have the freedom to do so on their own or with guildmates. We encourage our members to group up and help each other out. Grouping in game is very important for many reasons. It helps you establish connections with your guild mates and earns you experience and social points in game. It helps the guild become a family which is the goal of Swords. This is the sister guild to Swords of Light that was created for those players who preferred the "darker side" and playing the Imperial classes. If you wish to play on the Republic Side, we have the Swords of Light Guild on "The Harbinger" server. Having the guild factions on two different servers allows those who are free to play the freedom to try both sides with people they have made connections with since their character slots are limited.

The primary guild of Swords of Light has a long history in other games and in SWTOR. Some of us have played as Swords in many games and some of us have not. Many of our members enjoy the no stress environment we have and try to create. The main idea is to make your in game gaming experience the best it can be. We are based in the USA (leadership is PST) but all time zones are welcome to join us. As a group we tend to be most active in the evenings, but we do have day time players. Sometimes as a guild will we also run in other games (primarily games that are free to play like Everquest II, LOTRO, etc.) as a group to broaden our horizons and still have fun together.  Friendships are made here that can carry over sometimes into real life. Loyalty, Honour, and Trust are  key points to Swords. If you are interested in becoming a Sword, then head to our forums and read our Code of the Sword before applying for membership. We here at Swords of Darkness wish you well in your adventures. May the force be with you.

The Homepage feature music is The Imperial March by John Williams. It is performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.
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